Seniors and Technology in Assisted Living

These days technology is growing faster than we can keep up with and seniors are along for the ride. An increasingly large amount of older adults has started to use technology and social media sites as part of their everyday routine. Facebook, Skype, and smartphones have been great tools in keeping up with family and friends, but now we are seeing a trend in increased app usage.

The number of older adults using the internet and related tech devices is increasing, with over half of seniors using the internet and owning cellphones, according to a survey by Pew Research.

Different apps, as well as different devices, help people keep up with not just family, but their hobbies as well. Maneuvering through apps and devices can help keep the mind active while also learning a new skill. Senior living in Denver could easily see more activity regarding this technology. App downloads, such as the birding app mentioned in this article could go up also. See more…

Many senior living communities have integrated technology programs into residents’ daily routines as today’s technology can keep seniors connected, mentally active and physically safe. It’s no wonder seniors have Facebook accounts to connect with their grandchildren, or use iPad apps to play Scrabble, Solitaire and other games to keep their minds engaged.


Original Post over here: Seniors and Technology in Assisted Living


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