Man Keeps Running Despite Rare Disease

As we age our physical capabilities begin to change. Though things have changed, it’s hard to ever lose that drive to accomplish our own personal goals. Some may not have goals of running marathons later in life, but the satisfaction of completing our own goals is so valuable. When you have seen these marathon runners it becomes very inspiring.

We see a diverse set of individuals within senior living communities here in Denver. Though some are more active than others there is never a lack of motivational goals. Some write and some play music, there are so many great hobbies that keep the mind and soul active.

The man within the article we have referenced below is inspiring to us all. He has overcome major obstacles to complete marathons and he continues to push through. Everyone has their own marathon in life that they dream to complete. No matter what it is and no matter what the age, this man has shown many people that he can really do anything he puts his mind to.

Bennett Beach, 67, is a man on the run. On April 17, the resident of Bethesda, Md., will participate in his 50th consecutive Boston Marathon. In early April, he completed his 45th consecutive Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run in Washington — a record, according to The Washington Post. See more…


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