Why US communities should be designing parks for older adults


The physical environment of where a person lives has been shown to influence how much physical activity they get. This is especially important for the rising number of older people in the U.S.

As kids, we got a lot of exercise by playing in parks. Parks play such an important role in communities for both children and adults alike, yet the most active areas of parks are designed specifically for kids. How cool would it be if there were active parts of parks that were designed for adults?

Parks are an important public health resource in our country, connecting Americans to nature, providing access to physical activity opportunities, and serving as a safe space for making social connections. With the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016, national parks received a great deal of attention.

Staying active as we age is a key component in keeping in good health. Many Denver assisted living residents do tend to stay relatively active, but could you imagine the possibilities of parks that were specific to aging adults? Read more below about this up and coming trend that could make a huge difference. It would be great to see one built in Denver!

 Getting regular exercise of just 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week has been linked to a reduction in heart disease, cancer, falls and cognitive impairment due to dementia, including Alzheimer-type dementia.Read more…


First Posted right here: Why US communities should be designing parks for older adults


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