Robot pets: Can they comfort us like the real thing?

While technology grows rapidly, each individual industry begins to see the effects take hold. In the medical field, technology has truly shown its strength, and in caring for aging adults we have started to see some emotionally based advantages. Robotic pets are becoming wonderful tools for patients who may suffer from things like dementia.

We have a good understanding of how companionship provides health benefits and we know how pets can play a large role in this. New studies have found that robotic pets are now able to provide that same type of benefit. Denver retirement communities are no strangers to advancements in technology as our state seems to be growing fast within the field. Introducing robotic pets to some patients may provide potential life improvements both socially and physically. Being able to provide the feeling of genuine comfort could easily change someone’s demeanor from confused to perfectly content. Read here to learn more about these pets and their benefits.

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