Seniors and Technology in Assisted Living

While many people think that the silver-haired generation is computer illiterate, this is simply not true. Today’s seniors are now catching up with their young counterparts and are embracing the world of technology in assisted living.

Usually, when you think of Denver retirement communities your mind doesn’t instantly think of Ipads or computers, but recently they have gained popularity. There is an increase in senior technology use and computer literacy. Not only does it create an easy access to communicating with loved ones, but technology can provide assistance with reading and other types of activities.

Many senior living communities have integrated technology programs into residents’ daily routines as today’s technology can keep seniors connected, mentally active and physically safe. It’s no wonder seniors have Facebook accounts to connect with their grandchildren, or use iPad apps to play Scrabble, Solitaire and other games to keep their minds engaged.

By engaging seniors and helping them to continue learning as well as socialize with friends and family members, technology has helped improve quality of life for many. In fact, many older adults have enthusiastically adopted technology to keep up with the times as well as their old acquaintances and younger family members. Grandparents are becoming proficient in Facebook and Skype — and are liking it! Technology has become a healthy emotional outlet and word of its benefits has spread like wildfire among the elderly.

Seniors and Technology in Assisted Living



First Posted right here: Seniors and Technology in Assisted Living


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