Exercise regularly and vigorously to take almost a decade off your age

Aging is not a bad thing, but we do know that staying healthy longer is better for everyone. We encourage physical fitness as a way to stay safe in St. Andrew’s Village’s independent living programs in Denver.

http://news.googply.com/2017/05/11/exercise-has-anti-aging-benefits-and-makes-you-years-younger-on-a-cellular-level/Want to slow down the aging process? Exercise regularly and vigorously to take almost a decade off your age It’s not quite eternal youth but scientists have discovered how humans can slow down the aging process and shave almost a decade off their biological age—vigorous exercise. In a study of more than 5,000 adults in the U.S., a researcher found those who exercise regularly are younger on a cellular level than those who lead sedentary or moderately active lifestyles.

In the study, exercise science professor Larry Tucker from Brigham Young University compared telomere length with levels of physical activity. His findings showed significant differences between those who did regular, vigorous exercise and those who did not.

“Just because you’re 40, doesn’t mean you’re 40 years old biologically,” he said in a statement. “We all know people that seem younger than their actual age. The more physically active we are, the less biological aging takes place in our bodies.”

He discovered adults with a high level of physical activity had a “biological aging advantage” of nine years compared to sedentary adults. When compared with those who did a moderate amount of exercise, the difference for highly active adults was seven years. Read more at news.googply.com


Article Source on: Exercise regularly and vigorously to take almost a decade off your age


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