3 Easy Moves for Stronger Knees

Prevent injury and reduce tightness with Denise Austin’s three moves

Hamstring Stretch

This will stretch the back of your knee and knee joints. Stand tall, and place one foot in front of you. Bend your supporting knee slightly, and lean forward from your hips. Use a chair for added support.

Hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

Calf Raise

This exercise will strengthen the entire calf region. Using a chair for balance, lift one leg and bend your knee so your calf is parallel to the floor. While keeping that position, lift up high on your other foot, bringing your heel up and down.

Complete 10 on each side. Relax and repeat.

Quad Strengthener

To strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee, sit up straight in a chair and elevate one foot parallel to the ground. Lift the straight leg up and down.

Do 10 on each side. Relax and repeat.

It’s something that simply comes with age, but our assisted living residents in Denver can practice these exercises to protect their knees from injury. 

Read the full article at: Exercise Video For Increased Knee Strength – AARP http://bit.ly/2s51xH3

First Seen here: 3 Easy Moves for Stronger Knees


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