Social Life for Seniors: Why Assisted Living is Better

Social Life for Seniors

As baby boomers continue to retire in record numbers — a group that includes my own parents — more and more of us will face the question of how to handle their changing health needs. However, many of us will also face an even more urgent request from our parents themselves: “Please don’t put me in a home.”

The problem is this: when mom and dad start to need more daily care, it can put pressure on caregivers and strain relationships in the family.

Learn more about why it’s important to consider how assisted living could be better than living at home when it comes to quality of life, wellness and a social life for seniors. We strive to provide the best quality assisted living in Denver, having access to the benefits listed below is important to our residents. 

1. Access to Physical Activity and Fitness

With the latest in gym equipment, group exercise classes like Tai Chi and Zumba, and personal trainers well versed in the needs of older adults, assisted living communities offer opportunities for physical fitness that go far beyond what family caregivers can easily provide at home.

2. Plenty of Opportunities for Social Activity

Living at home can be isolating, particularly if a senior resides alone. It can be difficult for the elderly to maintain their social relationships when they are no longer working. In assisted living, residents can easily socialize with peers, not only in common areas but also through planned, structured activities like field trips, dancing, and cultural events.

3. A Safe Living Environment

For seniors to remain living safely at home, a wide range of home modifications might be needed if their physical health begins to wane —such as shower railings and medical alert systems, to name just two — and the expenses can quickly add up. Assisted living facilities are designed for mobility and accessibility, helping seniors avoid falls and accidents and providing rapid access to assistance.

4. Intellectual Stimulation

Among the various activities that assisted living communities provide are plenty of chances for lifelong learning, from computer classes to book clubs to art classes. Many facilities even offer guest lectures from visiting scholars and professionals. Those communities located on or near a college usually enable residents to take advantage of the nearby campus resources, including courses and cultural events.

Read the full article here: Social Life for Seniors: Why Assisted Living is Better

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